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The Vinyl Clock SKZ-705 Backwards Clock

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Name: The Vinyl Clock SKZ-705 Backwards Clock

Diameter: 30cm

Material: Metal frame + ABS Plastic Back Cover + Acrylic Clock Face + Metal Pointer

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Sound Control Night Light Clock
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Material:Metal frame + ABS Plastic Back Cover + Acrylic Clock Face + Metal Pointer

Size: 30×4.5×30cm (12″×2″×12in “)

H4c7cf40dd92840b587fec545cf4e1bf30 - Backwards Clock

Silent Wall Clock

Ultra-quiet and night light function,Ultra-quiet and no ticking, quiet movement, no ticking to ensure a good sleep or work

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- Backwards ClockH34d43639103c4885b83707fd738a9701t - Backwards ClockH789af708f0e24ed3b1336b961f08d0f3z - Backwards ClockHab145ee2a21a4117bb4d4699460bcaf8V - Backwards Clock

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Hd928918b71d54b6bb5fc6c0e0e754fbe0 - Backwards ClockH9e579fbb17db48ea8df202bcef489fa0z - Backwards ClockHfbce393d5aaf4a9d947467c193678cedE - Backwards Clock

Ha549e275104a4559a989bcddf3172b47N - Backwards ClockH8d181c2c1ac24ca0907aae8c7e0de50eh - Backwards ClockH439966f920764653a2312c9774b55739a - Backwards ClockH3ecb989a71a44c088994eee7757545d9j - Backwards ClockH9e37ad07fe6a45fe89484da2d635c073v - Backwards ClockH3c7c0d0f18f543aaa8dfb24fcc4d8922a - Backwards Clock

5 reviews for The Vinyl Clock SKZ-705 Backwards Clock

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    Rosie (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. I really like the quality of this backwards clock, I order not for the first time

  2. img-41

    Joe (verified owner)

    Arrived in 2 weeks (Poland) and quality is very nice!!! I recommend them so much

  3. img-42

    Tommy (verified owner)

    The package was delayed, but it still came within reasonable time. Thank you for the support

  4. img-43

    Samuel (verified owner)

    Pretty good for a bootleg can’t really complain much. I love it

  5. img-44

    Silvia (verified owner)

    It’s so nice! The quality is good, highly recommended!

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989977 in stock