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The Vinyl Clock Minimalist Black Backwards Clock

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Metal Frame
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White Frame With LED
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Name: The Vinyl Clock Minimalist Black Backwards Clock

Diameter: 30cm

Material: Acrylic

S1372db7cf9b64c8d8e467b0bda15c0245 - Backwards ClockS4fac61bbc9204cea85687eed56fbd082K - Backwards ClockS9d61d5d0f91f452eb40081d33a07e694N - Backwards ClockS2ef12758efb04dd49b9151bf0a86abb6Z - Backwards ClockSe2fc64b9c59c407ca34978255e4d6053U - Backwards ClockSf76613b140fa44c4a2bcc8ab231d6f481 - Backwards Clock


S27e18991b7c2402aba7d81a828d0e386Y - Backwards Clock
S51850f3530c64b78983c975353da767bN - Backwards ClockS0e34c297ccc84bcdabcb3c58859dd455L - Backwards ClockS8b23681c374a4050bc41dad88685ac6by - Backwards ClockS1dc80efa1a3243c9bfea3fdd0d1aac6bl - Backwards ClockS13e92bbe7cd542a1988a091e5e154bca3 - Backwards ClockS282b7242df584fc392ceb30d337474e62 - Backwards ClockSf72466de380248ef99c871eb92cfe4e70 - Backwards ClockS970aaab0731a4c92842422d4e05522b2r - Backwards Clock
S51f6cf59d5714407a6cc5026fc007adbk - Backwards Clock- Backwards ClockS29e5e5ea42d347ae84789de775565484o - Backwards ClockS0559ca8100be4dbfa68ae7f049f6c6d4P - Backwards ClockS4e250ecf54aa48d795a45d3b691e73d5y - Backwards ClockScda1704790ab480aaaf981c6e799ed94J - Backwards ClockSbe2353bcce2645a1a706b5a53a92de7fV - Backwards ClockS11cc9577d111462aa1cbd72ad252f644I - Backwards Clock

Frameless Simple Design

No Frame in font side. Gloss-finish face and exposed clock hands.

Sc7dd773ed7674c1bb6a6c80b0f8963d3c - Backwards ClockS721f870c0ef54d3f8c8d8877c2462f25e - Backwards Clock
S34c739b125434e0baeced1ff4172b00cM - Backwards ClockS60caf08871ba4cbaa2e6b65decfb2e913 - Backwards ClockSe65197ee4dcc424481dd41a88d943ce4n - Backwards ClockHTB1yzNYLCzqK1RjSZFLq6An2XXaZ - Backwards Clock

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.

HTB1jDUDGsfpK1RjSZFOq6y6nFXap - Backwards ClockS9df2ddf71d5b4cfaa9ed27e86ba7183ev - Backwards Clock
S6f154f78e3424f3dbadfe1ed8075508cI - Backwards ClockS9bbfdcbf14fe4dabbfe798c80de3b728Q - Backwards Clock


Sf759c3728e04401197ae898bbbcab42ew - Backwards ClockS49b13cded15e4ec38b9907e57836a092N - Backwards ClockS702a3be8a5c14359acffd5c0d4830d7cL - Backwards ClockSee91eff0f92d4cd7804b90177e9f7092t - Backwards ClockS02a66164f9d043568532e2bdb55767a2H - Backwards ClockSadf6c8925fc9476384bc7abd595dacb7T - Backwards ClockS06e570c4e15443c9805f71447c516c60z - Backwards ClockS02824bb310f34d549dd02dd1fc02d01e0 - Backwards Clock

4 reviews for The Vinyl Clock Minimalist Black Backwards Clock

  1. img-63

    Janine (verified owner)

    Sent quickly, the quality is super, came in 4 weeks

  2. img-64

    Sophia (verified owner)

    Very nice just like in the picture

  3. img-65

    Maggie (verified owner)

    Its money is worth, nice backwards clock

  4. img-66

    Albert (verified owner)

    Perfect! They came fast

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Metal Frame
No Frame
White Frame With LED