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The Backwards Clock looks like a standard clock but all the numbers are counting down from 12 and the hour, minute and second hand tick around in an anti-clockwise direction. This backward running timepiece will fascinate and bemuse all who behold it as they scratch their heads trying to fathom the time. Visitors will be baffled by its perfect resemblance to a standard wall clock until they realise the big difference – everything is the exact reverse.

Why you like Backwards Clock

  • REVERSE THINKING: The 12″Inch perfect size Backwards clock keeps perfect time…And easy to read. Reverse wall clock is very suitable for the development of children’s reverse thinking mode, exercise transposition thinking; Bring novelty and difference to children.
  • ROOM FOCUS: Everything is counterclockwise by High Quality backwards movement, the hour, minute and second hands move counter clockwise. Fun people: Watch everyone do a double take when they look at this clock to check the time. Confuses guests, it is a fun conversation starter….Enjoy a fancy environment!
  • GOOD FOR GIFT: Color Box packaging and Hook included with the clock which ensures easy installation! The creative wall clock as a reminder to slow down & enjoy the journey.
  • DECORATIVE ELEMENT: The decorative wall clock perfect for living room, office, classroom, bar,,,etc. Plastic black case with glass lens, makes it easy to clean and keeps dust away from dial.
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Happy Customers

rv1 1 - Backwards Clock


The clock came on time. Dial and Arrow stroke in reverse. Unusual and funny. Get used to it quickly

rv2 1 - Backwards Clock


The clock goes quietly, everything is fine

rv3 1 - Backwards Clock


Delivered quickly. The clock is light, the decor came up with itself… very satisfied

rv4 1 - Backwards Clock


The clock works quietly, light in weight. Very funny


Welcome to Flagship Backwards Wall Clock Store

Backwards Clock We are proud to be the flagship store selling Reverse Clock and more.

Simply pop one of these Reverse Clocks on a prominent wall in your home or workplace and wait for the puzzled faces. This novelty wall clock makes a great brain trainer and will require more than the usual quick glance to keep an eye on the time. The Backwards Clock is an entertaining feature that makes something as simple as telling the time a lot of fun!

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