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The Vinyl Clock CZ-1005 + Backwards Clock

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Metal Frame
No Frame
White Frame With LED
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Name: The Vinyl Clock CZ-1005 + Backwards Clock

Diameter: 30cm

Material:  Acrylic

S5d17f08497bd403692b9ab20165476d1J - Backwards ClockS675ee58a50854c1888097498161d03b8F - Backwards ClockS16c2a2615804451da62ea6c2e1f8baf9f - Backwards ClockS3bc239bf29894811b97a3c5b0da5170fn - Backwards ClockS3bdd8d14272349c983900cb3a08088e9e - Backwards ClockS8f0d44d4d5054a7492e8aafc0227d2feE - Backwards Clock


Measures 30 x 30 cm (12inch)
Made of Acrylic Plastic with Colorful Printed
Requires one AA battery (not included)

S3d5ca819d26f479f9bbda70dc69819fcI - Backwards ClockSafd4c7228ed74f46b3d6f70ae6b863a8E - Backwards Clock
S93d93190756d4acb9f84f116c1f64dd6Y - Backwards ClockSbd4e219970954e0c9d8c913cd9d1db2eb - Backwards ClockS6b22b5f678be45189a197e8b8c4345fb1 - Backwards ClockSb362ed39fcc4460a8155eb5e9ebe073fS - Backwards ClockS824853ef4dde4fea8b67034a6611c058C - Backwards ClockSc95893b157dc40fba44d5d6b6098ec48p - Backwards ClockS7d4dab557a4c479a9daa83dab5d27789G - Backwards ClockSc88b2278a37945769ff55429ff575dac9 - Backwards Clock
Sa2e0eb29b532464dab4c57631af025fe0 - Backwards ClockSb867ea50b63f4761b7474c6f00f48c4et - Backwards ClockSf08d4d511d17494db17862c64447ec59k - Backwards ClockSb6e1e902137e46338f7ebbbd3c505255X - Backwards ClockSb3bedfe776c149cea3f01bc72e183daff - Backwards ClockScd6774e393814909958ab97d2485be80M - Backwards ClockS0d52e7dfe67a48168b18ffdd01f947f4u - Backwards Clock- Backwards Clock

Frameless Simple Design

No Frame in font side. Gloss-finish face and exposed clock hands.

Sedb76174daa0461d8aa3e4565b14b4bbr - Backwards ClockS9a036873b9e540c39c933a3d4c99fef6P - Backwards ClockSf16972149d09436cb599f640b852f10ez - Backwards ClockS721f870c0ef54d3f8c8d8877c2462f25e - Backwards Clock

Metal Frame with acrylic glass

Sturdy metal frame, HD acrylic glass and plastic back cover makes our clocks a great quality product.

S898e7916f9be4e41823233716612904fD - Backwards ClockS948d1624d0d34674a4029d1bf354adddz - Backwards ClockSc569af4e1f92475cb07fa437da27c76fd - Backwards ClockHTB1yzNYLCzqK1RjSZFLq6An2XXaZ - Backwards Clock
HTB1jDUDGsfpK1RjSZFOq6y6nFXap - Backwards ClockS9df2ddf71d5b4cfaa9ed27e86ba7183ev - Backwards Clock
Saa0127fcaa8a491aa2e180ff7e271a04y - Backwards ClockS52b420215ece42d88f75a691cd05be37X - Backwards ClockS1d3b59af09bb48f7a12ce7bc5e38bce4v - Backwards Clock
S6d537ddba45f4397a6c8b98757db7decc - Backwards ClockS125989298105481882ed9fd64381e1648 - Backwards ClockS87b8bdc274174c4e96edbb91a8e5a94aG - Backwards ClockS15a5ff5ee2084ff6a65bf6eacf506cbeJ - Backwards ClockS22191cb315ef41ffa884bd18ea446b3aR - Backwards ClockSe0cf18c9a40142ac9f5d72181697aaa1i - Backwards ClockS8daa8fa1b9d44035a44aff9ae5e322a2z - Backwards Clock

10 reviews for The Vinyl Clock CZ-1005 + Backwards Clock

  1. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Very beautiful good quality super fast shipping good communication. Recommend

  2. Teresa (verified owner)

    It has arrived extremely quickly to US. The size are the same as shown in the description. I won’t hesitate to buy another one from this backwards clock seller

  3. Conner (verified owner)

    It looks very nice, good quality/price and brings all your pieces, sent in 3 weeks

  4. Molly (verified owner)

    The quality of this backwards clock is very good, the details and colors are very well done and so the shipment arrived very quickly, I was really surprised

  5. Glen (verified owner)

    This is one of the first things I’ve bought on this site, & I was kind of skeptical of what I was going to get. But I wasn’t diappointed. Thank you!

  6. Stella (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Product perfectly matches the description

  7. Alisa (verified owner)

    Just like the description, my daughter loved it.

  8. Connor (verified owner)

    Thank you very much, it came quickly, I’m very satisfied 

  9. Blanca (verified owner)

    Same as picture. Very fast delivery

  10. Chrysta (verified owner)

    I love it! My parcel came so fast. I recommend the product. The seller is very nice and helpful, replies quickly when in doubt. To sum up, I am totally pleased

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Metal Frame
No Frame
White Frame With LED